How to Shop for Insurance - Tips and Questions to Ask!

So your renewal is coming up, and you may ask yourself, “When’s the last time I looked at my policy?” Ok probably not… But maybe you noticed your premium increase, or received a letter that you may not be receiving the best possible rate? But then you remember that your life is busy and why would you want to spend time shopping for insurance? Read on for tips on how to shop & what to ask.

Life is busy, so why would you want to spend your day shopping for insurance? Let a broker do the shopping for you.

·         Options—brokers have access to multiple insurance carriers, so you have options and access to more savings and personalized products.

·         We work for you— brokers work for you, not big-box insurance company.

·         Unusual situations— with all the options, the broker has resources to find someone to insure it.


What’s covered?
The worst time to find out is when you have a claim. Have your agent explain so you are prepared or find that you need to make adjustments.

How much coverage do I need?
Have your agent explain if there are limitations or endorsements you can add to cover your needs.

Am I eligible for discounts?
It’s exciting to find out that you can save money from discounts! It’s a bummer when you find out you could have been getting them the whole time. Ask about all possible discounts to see if you qualify.



We get excited about savings—and hope you do too! There are so many discounts out there now, so when’s the last time you reviewed your policy to make sure you’re receiving all the possible discounts?

·         Monitored Alarm: Does your alarm system report to a central station or police department? If so, just send in the alarm certificate from your service company and the agent can apply the discount.

·         Smart home? Same thing! Send it in and start receiving a discount!

·         New roof? Updated plumbing or HVAC? Depending on the carrier, you could earn an extra discount from this as well. Invoices and proof of completed work may be required.

·         Telematics: What? You want me to watch my driving habits? Some people feel like it’s “big brother” watching, but we’re only watching your driving habits—which are good, right? If you’re a safe driver: moderate acceleration, safe braking, driving during normal hours, then you may be a good candidate for this discount. (Depending on the carrier, business auto and fleets may be eligible for this as well!) Another benefit from telematics is the safety aspect: some of the technology also reports when you’re in an accident of the vehicle is stolen.


Ok, so you want to switch. Now what? You’ve had a relationship with your soon-to-be former insurance agent who can only represent one company. Or not, but you don’t want to call them. We can help you write a cancellation letter and send it on your behalf! Easy. Done. Simple. Our goal is to make things as simple and convenient for you.


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